NULS Token Swap
NULS Address: 

please click here


Important Reminder:


After you have clicked submit, you will receive a unique ETH collection address. Please make a note of this collection address. When the token swap starts, you must transfer your original NULS erc-20 tokens to this address and the new mainnet NULS will immediately be deposited to your NULS wallet.


For the safety of your assets, make sure you use the correct reclaim address. Do not rely on any self-proclaimed ‘official’ e-mail, Telegram, WeChat or Twitter accounts to provide this address. These are only scams. If you have not received your new NULS within 24 hours after completing the transfer, please contact with a screenshot, as evidence of the transfer. We will be happy to assist you.


The charge-free period has ended. If you want to swap now, there is a 1% service fee applied to the NULS token swap.In addition, we will stop mapping on 2020-03-21 and all unmapped NULS will be donated to NULS foundation.


After the transfer is complete, if you re-enter your NULS wallet address, you will see all your swap information there, including the time, number, and status of each transfer.